[Bleach] Kenpachi-sense

[Drabble] Soothing Hands

[Series]: Of Chocolate, Cards and other Valentine's Paraphernalia - Master Post
[Characters]: Yamada Hanatarou and Zaraki Kenpachi.
[Pairing]: KenHana
[Summary]: Hanatarou knows exactly where to press.
[Word Count]: 320
[Done]: 04.February.2010
[Beta]: not beta-read
[Content/Warnings]: Fluff | Future fic
[Rating]: PG-13
[Notes]: My latest obsession, as seen in my Sandbox Society stories. It's all gokuma 's fault, she's the mother of all exotic pairings.♥♥♥
They're so improbable, they work;D Kinky future, with a mature, confident fukutaichou Hanatarou and a more mellow Kenpachi, at least in Hana's hands.
Hana is the Japanese word for flower.

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Disclaimer: Do not own Bleach and will not make a profit out of this fic. All characters © Kubo Tite.

"Hmmm... ooh, just right'here, hana," Zaraki grunted as nimble fingers pressed that exact spot. "Yer a master," he moaned in bliss.

Hanatarou happily settled himself on the back of Zaraki's thighs and kneaded carefully at all the right muscles. The sounds of delight from the massive man under him, a pleasure to his ears and, well, some nether regions too.

"You're really hard, Zaraki-taichou, how did you let it get to this?" Hanatarou chided, "you should've come called me much sooner."

"Hmm, 've been... augh... busy."

"Still, you can't let it get to this condition, it's not good for your health."

"Yeah, Yamada-sensei, 'll remember it next time," Zaraki replied with a chuckle and a grunt.

Grinning, Hanatarou continued his work until a knock on the door interrupted them.

"WHAT?" Zaraki bellowed at the disruption.

"Hum, Zaraki-taichou? 'scuse me." A cautious looking shinigami glanced inside. "There's been some accident and Yamada-fukutaichou is
needed back at Fourth Division."

"Cant'it wait till we're done 'ere?"

"Hmm, well, Unohana-taichou was very... huh... clear about it," he replied to his shuffling feet.

"I'm afraid we'll have to continue another time, Kenpachi," Hanatarou said, patting the taut muscles beneath him.

"And now that we were just gettin' t' tha good part," Zaraki grumbled.

"I'll promise to return and finish it once I'm done with this emergency," Hanatarou soothed as he climbed down, "and if it takes too long, I'll let you know and we'll finish it at home." He ended the reassurance with as kiss to Zaraki's temple.

"Yeah, yeah, just go before I change my mind," Zaraki threatened while sitting up and putting his uniform back on.

"Oh, and do stop carrying Yachiru on your back," Hanatarou warned, "she's a big girl now and your back really could do with a break."

"My back don't need no break, they need yer hands on them," Zaraki sentenced, pushing Hanatarou out of the room with a push.


Next: Sweet Slumber - Shunsui/Stark/Ukitake - What better way to spend Valentine's Day than lazing about?
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Okay, mental image makes me giggle, but you're right, if this worked, it'd be adorable and they'd be good for each other.
it'd be adorable and they'd be good for each other. - I think you got it in one;) It took a bit to get used to but as soon as I started writing them they just flew into the paper.

Kinky future, FTW!
Lol, it's the first time I've been called "the mother of all exotic pairings" :D I'm not sure who's fukutaichou Hanatarou is - Unohana's? Anyway, living with the small healer has definitely made Kenpachi more polite and calm. Poor Zaraki, by the way - I believe that now he has to carry two people - Yachiru and Taiki (on the other hand he's so strong that he could also carry Hana and wouldn't feel the difference. I wonder if Saijin has ever tried to carry Tousen on his back*)

(*I'm SURE that he carries Susumu all the time XD
Re: Kinky future, FTW!
Let's see: KenHana, KomaSen, these are not very common pairings and I know you've come up with others, so yeah, "the mother of all exotic pairings" *offers badge - wear it with pride*

Yes, Hana's Taichou is Unohana, I think I mention it somewhere. Not sure what happened to Isane, nothing bad, she just moved up on life, choose a different career, you pick;D

he's so strong that he could also carry Hana and wouldn't feel the difference but he's back might, so Hana is working it to prevent it. And Sajin carries Susumu for sure and I'm certain that Tousen as well, if not all the time.

Hmm, I just realized I didn't write any KomaSen. Well maybe next time.
Re: Kinky future, FTW!
Yeeeey, a badge! *wears it proudly* ^___^

I was just gonna ask you about Komamura and Tousen. Susumu's parents should also get some love ;)

he's so strong that he could also carry Hana and wouldn't feel the difference but he's back might, so Hana is working it to prevent it.

I know ^^''' Zaraki is so careless about his body, treats it like a tool, nothing much than a kind of weapon. That's why it's good that now he's got Hanatarou by his side: to remind Kenpachi that he needs to look after himself and that, well, a certain healer would be very unhappy if something serious happened to him. I mean - Hana knows that Zaraki loves fighting and scars can be sexy and all of that. But I guess that for someone whose vocation is healing people, healthy and mostly-not-scarred Kenpachi is much more pleasant to look at ;)
Aww, this was so sweet! xD Never had I imagined Kenpachi being with Hanataro, but the pairing kind of worked here!