[Bleach] Aizen-sama

[Drabble] Break

[Series]: Of Chocolate, Cards and other Valentine's Paraphernalia - Master Post
[Characters]: Ishida Ryuuken and Kurosaki Isshin.
[Pairing]: IsshiKen
[Summary]: Ryuuken needs a break and Isshin knows just the right thing to do.
[Word Count]: 200
[Done]: 04.February.2010
[Beta]: not beta-read
[Content/Warnings]: Fluff
[Rating]: PG
[Notes]: These two are my secret passion and I'm yet to play with them fully. They're like the adult version of Ichigo and Uryuu.
Med school day in this, I'm so sure that's how they know each other.

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Disclaimer: Do not own Bleach and will not make a profit out of this fic. All characters © Kubo Tite.

Ryuuken set his glasses aside and rubbed his eyes, attempting to sooth the looming headache. He'd been studying the whole day and his mind felt fuzzy and at full capacity, he was absolutely certain he couldn't absorb another single medical term.

A pair of blessedly cool hands pressed themselves to his aching temple and began a soothing massage.

"Done studying?" The deep, cool voice of Kurosaki Isshin sounded in his ear.

"Hmm... I should still go over the... but I can't, not right now."

"Good! Wanna go out?"


"It's okay. We'll stay in, then."

"Hmm, why?"

"You said you didn't want to go out."

"No. Why must we have something to do?"

"Because it's Valentine's Day."

"Oh. I hadn't realised. I didn't get you anything."

"I would've been very worried if you did. Let's get you to bed to rest, okay?"

"Sounds perfect."

"C'mon, you. You study too much, ya know?"

"And you not enough."

"Too true."

Cool hands undressed Ryuuken and put him to bed. The cool pad on his forehead was a bless. And the warm body curled around his, heavenly. Sweet nothings and tender kisses were pressed to his skin and Ryuuken slipped into oblivion feeling utterly content.


Next: Dirty Old Man - Urahara/Ichigo - Urahara is up to something and Ichigo wants nothing to do with it. Nothing.
Very nice job on this. Loved the way you captured their personalities in the dialogue.
Thank you:] Sometimes it's easier to get the characters right when things aren't complicated with descriptions and a lot of text.