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My Fics Index - Anime

I'm much less prolific in other fandoms than Bleach, but some plot bunnies have hopped here and there.


• So far all the fics are slash (as in male x male)
• I'm not particularly squeamish, so there's bound to be all sorts of warnings
• The collections of oneshots and/or the stories where there is more than one main pairing, have all the chapters listed
• The fics are ordered by fandom, within the fandom by pairing and within the pairing, alphabetically.

[Disclaimer]: I DO NOT OWN the fandoms in which I play and I AM NOT making a profit out of these fanfictions. All characters are © of their respective owners; save a few OCs, product of my imagination.
Six Winters - Zack/Cloud
(R, 1396 words, romance/angst, ficlet)
Six takes on Zack and Cloud; life, love and relationship under the theme of Winter.

It Isn't Right! - Conrad/Yuri
(PG-13, 630 words, romance/angsty, ficlet)
Conrad and Yuri come to terms with their feelings for each other.

(Hijikata Toshizo thinks of the many faces and phases of Okita Souji, as he waits his return from patrols.)
(PG, 205 words, angst, drabble)
Hijikata veils Souji's sleep and worries about his lover's sanity and well-being.
(PG, 106 words, angst, drabble)
Hijikata waits anxiously for Souji's return from patrol.
Dead Eyes
(PG-13, 205 words, angst, drabble)
An altered Souji seeks comfort in Hijikata.

(Several unrelated one-shots, following the everyday life, unrequited love and hopeful future of some Shinsengumi members, but not only.)
He Like the Boy - Souji; possible Hijikata/Tetsui
(PG, 115 words, angsty, drabble)
Souji ponders his feeling s for Tetsu-kun and how the boy will affect his life within the Shinsengumi.
Till The Very Last Speck - Susumu; Hijikata/Souji
(PG, 240 words, angst, drabble)
Susumu watched his heart crumble to tiny little pieces.
What, if not...? - Hijikata; implied Hijikata/Souji; possible Hijikata/Tetsu
PG,108 words, angsty, drabble)
Hijikata in a guilt trip over the way he treated Souji and is treating Tetsu-kun.
Jasmine Tea
- Yamanami/Tatsu
PG, 430 words, fluff, romance, drabble)
Tetsu watches as his brother and Yamanami share a cup of tea.
Down the Corridor - Hijikata/Souji
(PG, 150 words, angst, drabble)
Agonizing moments before Hijikata reaches the end of a very long corridor.
Punishment - Yoshida/Suzu
(R, 340 words, angst, D/s,drabble, locked)
Suzu is punished by his Sensei when he fails to do what he was ordered.
Training - Hijikata/Tetsu
Tetsu spends some awkward moments while training with Hijikata-san
(PG, 425 words, humour, fluff, drabble)
Boys Be Boys - Tetsu/Suzu
(PG, 170 words, humour, drabble)
Tetsu and Suzu almost get there before Saya interrupts them.
Ear Stitching - Susumu/Tetsu
(PG-13, humour, fluff, drabble)
Susumu stiches Tetsu's ear.
It's great you did a fic index. But, Where's the Bleach? I know you've written plenty of that. :D