[Bleach] Kenpachi-sense

Unexpectedly Expecting - Comfort [Sandbox Society]

[Characters]: Yamada Hanatarou and Zaraki Kenpachi
[Pairing]: Kenpachi/Hanatarou (KenHana)
[Summary]: Comfort being given and taken.
[Word Count]: ~340
[Finished]: 01.April.2011
[Beta]: not beta-read
[Warnings]: AU | Mpreg | Crack | Fluff | OOC Zaraki
[Rating]: R (just to be on the safe side)
[Notes]: Cos today is Hanatarou's birthday^____________^

Part of the Unexpectedly Expecting series from sandbox_society; this takes place a couple of weeks before Taiki's Birth

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Disclaimer: Do not own Bleach and will not make a profit out of this fic. All characters © Kubo Tite.

Since entering his eighth month of pregnancy, Hanatarou had pretty much dispensed clothes to sleep. Fabric itched and felt uncomfortable over his huge belly, even the sheets were usually pooled at the end of the bed on any given night. And with a furnace like Kenpachi on his bed each night, never mind the high winter cold, he was always warm and cosy.

Just like now, lying on his back, on top of a very naked Kenpachi, ensconced in the massive body; warm, happy, content. Their legs and arms entwined, their hands cradling their baby.

"So, anythin' and ye go straight t'Unohana, right?"

"I will." Hanatarou said, a smile on his lips. He had lost count of how many times he had said it since Kenpachi had told him he was going away on a Hollow hunting mission.

"Ye 'no, I could always stay," Kenpachi suggested. "It's what? A couple of weeks before the kid's s'pose to come out?"

"And miss all the fun? Nah, go and kill some Hollows for me. I'm sure you'll return right on time for the birth." Hanatarou could feel the strong hand sliding underneath his belly, travelling south, and shuddered at the light touch.

"Hmph, I guess. But anythin'..."

"I'll go to Unohana, I promise."

"And anythn' ye need that's not to do with the kid poppin' out, ye get Yachiru, or even that friend of yours that rides the pig." Kenpachi insisted, his travelling hand reaching its destination, cupping gently but with possessiveness.

Hanatarou smiled and nodded. "Ken-san, I will be fine." He pressed down, pushing into the hand, savouring the touch, assuring them both.

The pressure sparked and ignited making Hanatarou hiss and release a sound from low in his throat.

"It's just..."

"I know."

Stretching like a cat, Hanatarou turned his face up and pouted, waiting for Kenpachi to bend forwards into him and kiss him upside down. Strong arms cradled Hanatarou as he was gently but thoroughly kissed.

Putting a hand on his distended belly over Kenpachi's, Hanatarou assured, "we'll be fine."


Awww, Zaraki, you big softie. Someone *looks at Certain Someone* should draw both of them, naked & comfortable with the closeness... :)
Funny random fact
By the way, the beginning of the drable has reminded me about something I heard a while ago: babies before their birth hear sounds from the 'outside' especially (and almost constantly) the sound made by clothes touching the mom's skin. Funnily enough it turns out that it's a kind of a 'vrooming' sound, very similar to the sounds made by engines. And the easiest way to make a very small baby calm is to turn on... a vacuum cleaner ('cause the sound reminds a baby of a time when it was perfectly safe)
Re: Funny random fact
Awesome random fact is awesomexD I didn't know that. Hmm, maybe I'll use it in another fic sometime later^__~
Aww. The thought of Kenpachi wanting to give up hollow-hunting for the baby is just too cute. :)