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Welcome to my Journal.
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Do have in mind:
  • ALL my stories have boy on boy action (YAOI; SLASH; M/M; whatever you wanna call it): If this displeases you, doesn't agree with your beliefs or just simply grosses you out, MOVE ON! Don't rant, complain, flag, bully or take other actions of the kind... just move on with your life and let others enjoy.
Having said that, I hope you enjoy your visit and don't be shy, leave your thoughts, corrections and/or suggestions. They will be immensely appreciated.
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Hi! I was reading your fic but when I hit chapter three it said I wasn't authorized to read it! :( I was only able to read three, and the others it wouldn't let me.
Yeah, some of the chapters are Friends-locked just in case. But I already added you, so you should be able to read them now. Thanks for reading^_^
I am also interested. Chapters 1 & 2 started out so well, I would love to see how they go from there. Thanks!
hi :)
I know I've already read your fics on Y!gallery but could you add me as friend ? I want to know when you'll write more ^^
greetings. I friended you. Hope you don't mind! Can you friend me plz?

much apri.
I just friended you
..as I would love to read more of your stories.
OH, I loved chapter 1+2, please could you add me so I can read the rest? *puppy eyes*
Plus I love your avatars! They are so cute! Where did you get them from?
Ann-chan wants to read *makes big puppy eyes* pretty please

I'm a member of bleach_yaoi and just zeroed in on your post for a Kuchiki Byakuya x Abarai Renji fic. But I'm not authorized to read it. I hope you don't mind if I friend you, I've not read your work before but I'd like to.

I loved hanging by a thread so far! I'd really like to read more of your works. Please add me as a friend! *on knees begging* Great fanfic is so hard to find! ;)
Please don't torment your knees any longer, you've been added. Thank you for reading and enjoy the other stories.
please add me as a friend. I really like dia de anos, so I would like to read your new fic!
Done. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy the new one as well. Leave your thoughts too.
Oh don't be sad, it should work now! Thanks for reading (I'm beginning to sound like a broke record)
Can you add me as a friend please? I would love to read your Bleach fanfiction as I am a RenjixByakuya fan as well!
Added as friend! Good, there's still not enough RenjixByakuya fans:p and btw I love your icon roftlmao>.
Hi, i would love to read your latest chapter but couldn't. May I?
please to add? i've read afore-mentioned orange statement I promise to be good. (LOLOL! Well..*wink*)
So I had this little thing pop up in my inbox that says you are having a birthday today. Hope it's filled with joy and yaoi! LOL. Happy Birthday!

Thank you very much! It has been a wonderful day. Though not much yaoi, yet>.<
I've been reading your Mistletoe drabbles and was looking forward to the next one....
So can you add me as a friend please so I may continue...THANKS!!
Sorry for all the trouble, but since LJ has been so strict, I think is better to be safe than sorry.
Thanks for reading;]
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