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updated 03.Feb.11
So far all the fics are slash (as in male x male).

I tend to like the long stories with plot and character development but short-stories, drabbles and even well written PWP can be found in this list.

I'm not particularly squeamish, so there's bound to be all sorts of fics and warnings. So, in order to make things easier, all normal/usual sexual interactions between characters (like masturbation, anal/oral sex, etc...) will be labelled as slash, only the kinkiest tricks will get a special mention. Also, I have a particularly strong inclination towards mpreg, so there's going to be a few of those.

But bottom line, a story will be listed here if it stirred something in my inner fangirl heart.

731 by mirr (chapters 2 and 3) WIP
[PG-13, 3 chapters/?, Sci-fi|Humour]
Guin is the captain of The Red Baron. After some technical problems due to a dogfight with another ship, he's left floating with his crew only to discover the Amos II, a government battleship, deserted with all the parts he needs to, not only repair his boat, but improve it as well. The only problem seems to be the AI system....

August by Kabi
[NC-17, 51 chapters (~111k words), AU|Angst|Drama|Sci-fi, slash|transsexual|mpreg|D/s|non-consent]
In a militaristic post-catastrophic world, men possessing a specific genetic sequence are targeted by the government to aid in species survival. Set after November, this tells the story of five men in the new world.

Behind The High Walls by aemilia
[R, 20 chapters, violence]
Loukas hopes to inherit the aristocratic House Kommene, but when he falls out of favor at court, his family marries him off to a man with wealth, land -- and three other wives. He gets a chance to free himself and reclaim his inheritance, but it may cost him his life.

Cadet Murphy by Kabi
[NC-17, 6 chapters(~19k words) , AU|Angst|Drama|Sci-fi, slash|transsexual|D/s|humiliation|mpreg|non-consent]
A short addition to November, for those who wondered what else went on in Miljan's house.

Captive Prince by freece WIP
[R, 25 chapters/?, Romance|Angst|Drama, slash|master-slave]
Damen is the true heir to the throne, but when his half brother seizes power, Damen is captured, stripped of his identity and sent to serve the prince of a rival nation as a pleasure slave.

Diferences by xanthofile 
[NC-17, oneshot (~8600 words), Romance|TeenAngst, slash|cousins incest]
Jackson felt different from the rest of his peers and family, and it wasn't until he was sent to live with his grandpa that he found a kindred spirit. And true love during one fateful summer.

Distant Cousins - And Much More - A Family Story
by Olifant  (chapter 2)
[NC-17, 2 chapters (~16k words), Romance|TeenAngst, slash|cousins incest]
«Going to the farm. As every year, this was happening in the last week of summer. My parents packed up, shoved me into the car, and off we went to my dad's parents' farm. I usually hated going to that place, but not this year. This year I knew that HE would be there again. HE was Jake, star of my first ever real wet dream.»

by xanthofile
[NC-17, oneshot (~5500 words), Romance|TeenAngst, mentions of incest]
We can't always have our first choice, because if we could, Mom wouldn't be the one in his arms on my eighteenth birthday.

Ghali's Story by Kabi From the same Universe as August.
[NC-17, 6 chapters (7225 words), AU|Angst|Drama|Sci-fi, slash|transsexual|mpreg|D/s|non-consent]
Ghali, a young carrier living in the desert, is captured by a rather powerful man, who has the intention of making Ghali his wife.

I Was His
by Kiix
[NC-17, 6 chapters (~12k words), Angst, slash|abuse|bondage|minor|slave]
Sold to a brothel at 14, Hans now at 18 is free to leave...or is he?

Ivan Kosin by Kabi From the same Universe as November and August. WIP
[NC-17, 22 chapters/?, AU|Angst|Drama|Sci-fi, slash|transsexual|abuse|D/s|humiliation|bdsm|non-consent|mpreg]
A guard in the November universe is changed, then reformed.

Jum by[info]hidden_gems WIP
[R, 18 chapters/?, Romance|Drama, slash]
«The first time I met Michael was on the first day of uni. September 12th - I actually remember. We had a few classes together and I didn't notice him immediately because he was so damn quiet and keeping to himself most of the time.»

Just One Browning 9mm
by xanthofile
[NC-17, oneshot (~5300 words), Romance|Drama]
There's not much you can do with a pistol aimed at your face, and even less you can do about the man standing behind it. Because I was never who I portrayed to be.

Knockin' on Heaven's Door by laurabryannan
[R, 26 chapters (~35k words), Romance, slash]
Emo techie meets MD, but not all is as it seems.
It was Laura's Samurai Champloo fanfiction that introduced and got me hooked to slash. When she decides to have a go at original fiction of course I'm gonna read it and rec it. She has a way with words and sexy boys and I'm liking the interactions between the emo techie and the doctor.

Lord Emperor Vampire Saga by Kiix - Book 6 is a WIP
[NC-17, Vampire|Romance|Drama|Fantasy|Angst, slash|bdsm|non-consent|abuse|torture]
Book 1- Cake
(removed from the internet due to a publishing contract - Prologue and 1st chapter still available)
[45 chapters ~190k words]
Sex has found himself captive to a vampire for one year. On his anniversary he is offered a choice, be an equal or be a sex toy.
Book 2 - Cinnamon

[50 chapters ~230k words]
X is now the acknowledged Lord Emperor of the Vampires. Unfortunately, the other Lord Emperor isn't ready to back off centre stage. There can be only one.
Book 3 - Caramel

[49 chapters ~200k words]
X is now CEO of Shadow Inc., Head of the House of Assassins and Blood Emperor of the Vampire Nation -- if the Lycan don't kill him first.
Book 4 - Cloves

[49 chapters ~200k words]
Orel Wessel has an angel in its pocket. They think the can remake the world in their image. The Vampire Nations says differently, so does Hashmalliam.
Book 5 - Candy

[47 chapters ~190k words]
The Winglets have grown; the Puppies are prowling; the Vampire Nation is quiet but when the Northern Pack falls to a war of succession does the Blood Emperor step in, or does Hashmalliam just destroy it all.
Book 6 - Cider
[5 chapters/?]
Armor is awol. X is lost in heartache. Sex has to pick up the slack and seemed to be handling thing until the Collective came for Lanseng. Is Hashmallim finally unleashed on the unsuspecting world and can the brotherhood hold him back?

Meeting His Lover by xanthofile
[R, oneshot (~6000 words), Romance|Hurt-Comfort]
Terry never really gave much thought to being the other-man, but that all changes when he decides to meet the lover.

My Victim by kolesnik
[R, oneshot]
Ex-Chinese soldier now business man, spends the night with his new partner, a young man he knew from a long time ago...
I can no longer find the story or the author online:(

by Kabi
[NC-17, 44 chapters (~90k words), AU|Angst|Drama|Sci-fi, slash|transsexual|D/s|humiliation|exhibitionism|mpreg|non-consent]
In a militaristic post-catastrophic world, a group of young men possessing a specific genetic sequence are targeted by the government to aid in species survival.

by feralapostrophe
[R, oneshot (1000 words), PWP, cross-dressing|prostitution]
«Riam gazed up from his seat into the boy’s eyes, their brilliance sending a shiver of awe along the kinks of his spine. “Your name?” he asked softly, as if to speak too loud would crumble all this to dust.»

Ribbon by Jenner WIP
[R, 10 chapters/?, AU|Sci-fi|Romance, slash|mpreg|D/s|antro]
Sodre and Lucky, two young half-wolves in the Irion, discover that they share more than just a birthday. Sequel to Rind.

Rift by Jenner WIP
[NC-17, 17 chapters/?, AU|Sci-fi|Romance|Hurt-Comfort|Drama|Angst, slash|mpreg|xenophilia|abuse|D/s]
Earth has been invaded and mankind is at risk. Alexei, Damon, Ethan & Kaz are four men living very different lives who get involved in some very intimate foreign relations, and end up unlikely ambassadors for Earth.

by Jenner
[NC-17, 33 chapters (~50k words), AU|Sci-fi|Romance|Hurt-Comfort|Drama, slash|mpreg|xenophilia|abuse|D/s|bondage|spanking]
A part of the Rift timeline. Six years after the Wolfish Empire establishes peace, a lonely exile stumbles across a most exciting treasure named Gustin, who happens to be a human of particular importance.

Tentacles for the Brides Bouquet
by Kiix
[NC-17, 36 chapters (~130k words), Romance|Fantasy|Angst, slash|mpreg|abuse|non-consent|tentacles]
A cult offers up a "virgin" bride to their dark lord. Walter knew he was different. He just didn't realize how different or how important he would be to the Satyr Nation.

Thanks For Tellin' - A Story of Discovery
by Olifant  (for easy access to the rest of the story and other fics by Olifant try here)
[NC-17, 9 chapters, Romance|Drama|TeenAngst, slash]
«"Thanks for tellin' me, Mom, you got just one thing wrong. It's boys, not girls." I was thinking, lying on my bed, the cum dribbling down my body after my first ever conscious orgasm.»

That's what brothers do...
by Kiix (removed from the internet due to a publishing contract - 1st chapter still available)
[NC-17, 10 chapters (~40k words), Romance|Drama|Angst, slash|abuse]
Brant offered himself in place of his sister to repay a debt....can he do it again? Should he?

The Color of Divinity I - The Delusion of Reality by Ellnyon
[PG-13, 17 chapters (~84.400 words), Fantasy|Angst|Drama, mpreg]
Edyane is a young prince falling in love with his father’s fiancé. Learning that one’s status brings not only privileges but also obligations, he's torn between love and power, not knowing that both are waiting for him closer than he thinks.
The Color of Divinity II - The Truth of Legends
by Ellnyon WIP
[PG-13, 9 chapters/?, Fantasy|Angst|Drama, character death|mpreg]
Ten years passed. Edyane returns home hoping for peace, only to learn the war he’s coming from is far from over. Amidst doubts, treachery and revelations, many things are different. Edyane himself is not the same…did his heart change, too?
Ellnyon is making this cool site about the world she's creating: The Color of Divinity
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