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Hello, I'm Marin Liliz

Welcome to my Journal.
Here you'll find:
Do have in mind:
  • ALL my stories have boy on boy action (YAOI; SLASH; M/M; whatever you wanna call it): If this displeases you, doesn't agree with your beliefs or just simply grosses you out, MOVE ON! Don't rant, complain, flag, bully or take other actions of the kind... just move on with your life and let others enjoy.
Having said that, I hope you enjoy your visit and don't be shy, leave your thoughts, corrections and/or suggestions. They will be immensely appreciated.
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[Loveless] Fangirl

[Things I Read] Original Fiction

updated 03.Feb.11
So far all the fics are slash (as in male x male).

I tend to like the long stories with plot and character development but short-stories, drabbles and even well written PWP can be found in this list.

I'm not particularly squeamish, so there's bound to be all sorts of fics and warnings. So, in order to make things easier, all normal/usual sexual interactions between characters (like masturbation, anal/oral sex, etc...) will be labelled as slash, only the kinkiest tricks will get a special mention. Also, I have a particularly strong inclination towards mpreg, so there's going to be a few of those.

But bottom line, a story will be listed here if it stirred something in my inner fangirl heart.

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[Sandbox] ByaRen family

[FanFic] Babysitting Sakura Part 2 [Sandbox Society]

[Characters]: Abarai Renji, Chiyo-san, Kuchiki Byakuya, Kuchiki Hikaru and Senbonzakura.
[Pairing]: ByaRen
[Summary]: There's trouble; in Soul Society and in the Kuchiki household.
[Word Count]: ~2500
[Finished]: April.2011
[Beta]: not beta-read
[Warnings]: AU | Implied Mpreg | Angst | Humour
[Rating]: PG-13
[Notes]: Chiyo-san is an OC I've used a few times in my fics (Os Anos de Renji, Threads of Different Yarns and Building from the Ashes); she is a servant in the Kuchiki family and has served Byakuya since he was a child.

This piece is the the original plot and reason for the fic title, of course it got a bit sidetracked and turned into an angsty ByaRen piece, but it ends fitting the story and giving insight into Senbonzakura's feelings of the whole Byakuya pregnancy and baby. And it took a while to update cos Sen was in a talkative mood.^_^'

more sandbox stories

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[Bleach] Kenpachi-sense

Unexpectedly Expecting - Comfort [Sandbox Society]

[Characters]: Yamada Hanatarou and Zaraki Kenpachi
[Pairing]: Kenpachi/Hanatarou (KenHana)
[Summary]: Comfort being given and taken.
[Word Count]: ~340
[Finished]: 01.April.2011
[Beta]: not beta-read
[Warnings]: AU | Mpreg | Crack | Fluff | OOC Zaraki
[Rating]: R (just to be on the safe side)
[Notes]: Cos today is Hanatarou's birthday^____________^

Part of the Unexpectedly Expecting series from sandbox_society; this takes place a couple of weeks before Taiki's Birth

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